Sunday, 28 June 2009

Writing Holiday

I'm waiting again... all part of the job and I'm not complaining (honest). Folks at Bloomsbury could never be described as slow!

Apparently, the next stage of this whole process is the Copyeditor. It fascinates me, this world of publishing and each step brings something new for me to marvel at. This poor woman has to plough through my work looking at grammar, spelling all the technical stuff and putting it into a format that is more 'book-like.' All very exciting! Someone else is looking at my outline for Book 2 so I'm at a bit of a pause.

So I'm... reading! There's FE Higgins and 'The Eyeball Collector' which I enjoyed immensely. And now I'm reading 'Season of Secrets' by Sally Nicholls. I'm bracing myself...I think it's going to be a tear-jerker.

And a writer never stops working so my thoughts have been turning to ideas for Book 3 and ways to promote Mortlock. never too early to start planning...


SarwatC said...

Promotion? Get detained by Homeland security. Worked wonders for me!

Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

Exciting stuff, a whole new world of publishing stuff!
If you are interested in doing a workshop on writing scary novels (!)next summer time - I am in the process of putting together a proposal for a Children's and Young People's Literary Festival in Cornwall (Bodmin area). Could be a good time to do some Mortlock promo before it comes out in the autumn.
(This is a serious offer by the way!!!)

Jon M said...

Sarwat: I'll give it a try! Hmm maybe not.

Michelle: DoDoDoDo get in touch, Mortlock comes out in Hradback in April and if it was in the Summer... I might be off work. I'm seriously interested in your serious offer! :)

Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

Had a meeting with my boss today and we are looking at doing something in the half term in February 2010. (So it would be a couple of months before Mortlock came out.) If this is still OK there is a link to one of my emails on my current blog post. If you email me your contact details we can talk then.
Really excited that you are interested!!!!!
Sorry post is so late - exhausted watching Andy Murray!

Sue Hyams said...


I saw Eyeball Collector the other day. Must get it. I liked the first two.

Tam said...

Cor, we properly are book deal twins! Novel #1 is with copy ed and outline of novel #2 with editor for appraisal.

It's the waiting, though. It practically kills me *melodramatic sigh*

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

All wonderfully exciting stuff!
And if you want some bloggy promotion, just let me know (Every little bit helps!) ;-)