Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A weekend and a half!

I've been a rubbish blogger recently. I apologise. But things have been going on!

Last weekend I finally got down to London to meet the lovely Ele Fountain, my editor from Bloomsbury. They fed me pasta and chocolate ice cream, what a joy! Oh and we talked about Mortlock and went back to the office and met some of the team who were lovely too. Being a total mollusc when it comes to personal organisation, I forgot to take my camera! Ho hum.

Then it was on to the launch party for The Devils Kiss. Such a brilliant event, children in fancy dress, crusader re-enactments, sword fights, book signings and booze! It was a great chance to meet up with everyone.

The only pic I managed to get was of Stevyn Colgan and I looking intelligent... hmmm.

Then after that I zoomed up to Pendrell Hall for the SCBWI writer's retreat. Loads done, brilliant but lots more to go.

Time for a blog break methinks...revisions galore!


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Sounds absolutely fantastic Jon!
Next time, take the camera....

I am so very proud of you. I can't wait to buy your book and read the whole autographed thing!



Scarlett & Viaggiatore

JJ Beattie said...

Oh how exciting.

SueG said...

You're living the dream, my friend. You are living the dream! I'm so happy for you and can't wait for the book and the launch! I'll be there if at all possible, and whether you invite me or not :-)

Nothingman said...

This must be like a dream man, capture it! All the best with the revions...Rock on!


Tam said...

Oho, my BDB, I'm with you on the edits.

It's lovely meeting people who say nice things about your book, isn't it? I think we spend so much time being rejected (or maybe that's just me) and hearing why people didn't like our writing that it comes a something of a shock to hear nice things.

And of course you look intelligent. I wouldn't expect anything less of a brother :-)

DOT said...

It is rather terrifying how intelligent the two of you look. I had to put on my shades.