Saturday, 30 May 2009

Britain's Got Lovely Weather!

It's been a glorious week here in the UK, well, it has on the sunny Wirral Peninsula (we have our own little micro-climate thanks to the Welsh mountains). So what have I been up to? I hear you ask...

Earlier in the week we went as a family to Knowsley Safari Park. This is a wonderful place to go if you like having your car vandalized by baboons! And hey! Who doesn't?

Then on Thursday, I went to the launch of Wordscapes. This is an anthology of short stories that won or were runner-up in the Cheshire Prize for Literature. If you recall, I was a runner-up, so off I went.

The lovely jan from Jan's Writing Journal was there too and I finally got to meet her!

And the High Sherrif of Cheshire was there (not like the Sherrif of Nottingham at all... I've heard bad things about him!) and gave me a free copy of the book!

Oh and here's the actual anthology, I think ultimately it'll be available from Chester Academic Press and Amazon, I'll keep you posted...

Finally I've been revising and rewriting the last quarter of Mortlock. My super editor at Bloomsbury had described it as a 'light edit' but I ended up writing an extra 14,000 words. So cue the sound of grinding gears as I slam into reverse and go back, hacking, slicing, nipping and tucking. The resultant (I'll not say finished or final) MS is a bit lighter than it was but I'm pleased with it... for now.

But d'you know what? I really enjoyed it! Sitting in the sun with my little net book tapping away, I could do this for a living, y'know!


JJ Beattie said...

Wow; a busy time. I LOVE the cover of the book - it's really gorgeous. I look forward to reading it.

DOT said...

Congratulations all round; on getting a cheap car overhaul, on making the sun shine, on the book, on the edit...

The sun has been shining here in Brighton too - I can see it through the blind as I tap away doing my edit.

Gareth said...

Hi Jon

Ain't it just fab working in education over the school holidays!

A few too many kids and a bit of virus running around our house for much writing to be done but I did manage to send off my entry to Undiscovered Voices - hurrah!

Really enjoyed your reading of Mortlock at the Retreat - have you got any more enticing snippets posted anywhere?

Good luck with your cutting and chopping.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's fantastic!!!

I love that you're attending all these things and doing so well.

It's far past time for these wonderful blessings to come to you.

You do our Shameless Lions Writing Circle very proud.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Suburbia said...

sounds a fab weekend, the weather sort of makes everything lovely without effort doesn't it?!

Jan said...

It was a friendly evening, wasn't it,and good meeting you both.
JUst wish I'd scoffed more of those delicious canapes!
The book's great, looks as good as it reads. Didnt know it would appear on Amazon.
I havent written many childrens stories til recently but discover that I enjoy it hugely.
Your story was a super idea and R. made one of those things for a grandson who was here this w/end...

Megan said...

baboons and books - your cup runeth over (or something) Very, very leased for you and all your happy things,
ps I've been in the same room as the sheriff of nottingham - I kept my distance

Tam said...

Edits - we duz them.

Just pulled two all-weekenders on the teen book and the children's book. I enjoyed them, too. There's something reassuring about immersing yourself in a world you know very well (because you created it).

Well done, hope the BE likes them.

Vesper said...

It looks like you had a great time.

Jon, I'm so glad that these great things are happening to you. I can't help but notice the confidence your voice on the blog has gained since Mortlock has been accepted for publishing. I think it's wonderful! :-)

Jon M said...

JJ: OOOh No, the book cover is for The Devil's Kiss by my Greenhouse Stablemate Sarwat Chadda! Haven't seen my cover yet!

Dot: Get out in the sun, didn't you buy a netbook not long ago?

Gareth: Cheers, it was great meeting up!

Scarlett: Indeed the writing circle lives on!

Subburbia: The sun always helps!

Jan: Great meeting you at last! I think it should be available, I looked at the 2007 winner in Look Inside format on there last year.

Megan: Yes your sherrif is a villain, so I've read!

Tam: I love revisions.

Vesper: You've struck a chord there and something I'm going to blog about soon!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You want baboon vandalism? Come here for a visit anytime!

There is something very satisfying about rewrites and edits and making the thing perfect, isn't there!