Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It's quiet...Too quiet...

So after the excitement, there's another kind of waiting...everyone goes off to Bologna and then things get moving. The desire is to get things moving straight away. I want to launch into book 2 (actually I'm 22,000 words in but all of them might be redundant) but we wait. And that's okay because it gives me chance to do other things.

So what have I done? How did I celebrate?

Well, I've played some music. If you listen hard, you can hear a nice Irish tune under Goodwife's critique of her camera skills. I am hitting (notice I don't say playing) the bodhran.

I also played my mandolin.

I've written a short story for my Wirral Writers group on Friday too. So I haven't been idle. And I've been reading.

I also confess to wandering round Borders last weekend smiling benignly at Bloomsbury books! I reserve the right to do this at any time.


Anonymous said...

I love Irish music! This tiny lull has to be driving you crazy, and then all at once will come the crazies!

Mickmouse said...

I am also an Irish music lover and spookily I got a Bohran for my birthday as I have always wanted to learn how to play it. I admit to being a very early beginner but I love the sound and rhythms it makes!
You have the right to evry Bloomsbury gazing moment you caan enjoy.

JJ Beattie said...

I can't seem to get the movie to play... it's actually not there and saying it's not loaded. Maybe it's a Bangkok blip.

I love the idea of your Bloomsbury gazing with a grin on your face. Go for it.

KatW said...

Jon - Having been a bit out of the loop I apologise for only now shouting:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOW! AMAZING - 3 BOOK DEAL - WOW! And more of the same unimaginative but heartfelt ways of saying that I'm very very pleased & excited for you!

Just think - you'll soon be wandering around Borders looking at your own books!

Fab news!

Kat :-)

KatW said...

Oh and I love the music - that looks like such fun. It's a long time since I've played in a group -I miss that.

My 5 year old son really liked your music video - he made me play it over again. He is mad on music. He want so be a rock star guitarist/singer.

Kat :-)

Jon M said...

KatC: I suspect you're right!

Mickmouse: The best way to play a Bodhran? With a penknife!!! :)

JJ: I suspect it's a Thai thingy, hope it resolves!

KatW: I'll have to post some more music, then!

gary davison said...

I don't like music, Jon, but I do like this blog! If you get a chance pop over to my site today, you're the subject of today's post. Have a good weekend.

Jon M said...

Gary: Cheers mate, I'm on my way over right now!

Tam said...

Ha ha ha! I thought I was some kind of nutjob when I found myself in my local bookshop digging out all the Piccadilly Press books and smiling at them! I had such an enormous burst of pride you'd think I'd written them all myself :-)

My book is off to Bologna, too. I'm relieved I've got my edits done and confess to having started on book 2 as well. Happily, the edits on book 1 were slight so the work I've done on book 2 (a sequel) doesn't need to be chucked out.

Happy Book Deal Anniversary for yesterday, btw.

Jon M said...

Tam: and the same to you too! I am in edit limbo at the mo, sigh...but will get there, I'm hoping that Book 1 edits will be slight, I'm led to believe this but the name of the game is revision, revision and revision so I'll wait and see. I quite like rewrites actually!

cindy said...

waiting is hard. but percolate a bit. and enjoy the "time off" for now. =)

Jon M said...

Cindy: I'll take your advice, I thought lots of reading and some short stories might help!

Vesper said...

Enjoy it, Jon, you deserve it! :-)

Jon M said...

Vesper: Thanks! :-)

The Ginger Darlings said...

Your picture looks like something from the film 'Once'.
I too am waiting. Two books at Bologna. After 16 years of working in kids books though I feel rather jaded, which is a great shame. But maybe that is partly because I am also waiting to be paid.
On a brighter note i did see something very rare the other day, a royalty cheque!
Good luck and looking forward to getting to know you better.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Yeehaa, I'm so glad you're still in the "glow" and enjoying it!
Now, I'm going back to more of that Irish music!

Jon M said...

GD: Good to meet you too! :) Yes, it would seem that this ain't the way to become rich and famous! I've not seen Once but checked out IMBd, looks good.

Vanilla: As an ex-inhabitant of the emerald isle, you would appreciate good music

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


You have the right to do that for the rest of your life. I'm so proud of you I could bust.

Good celebration, if I was there, I'd buy you a beer.

I'm sure the music was very good as well.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

It is a lovely Irish tune! Did anyone dance? I feel a jig coming on!


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Jon M said...

Scarlett: The music was very good, the beer was free for us musicians! Not much dancing though!