Friday, 13 March 2009

Deal or No Deal?

Regulars to my blog will know how long I’ve been working on Mortlock. Some of you guys helped to crit it very early on. But a few months ago, I met Sarah Davies some months ago and we set about reshaping Mortlock.

And finally, it came to the point at which the book was ready to roll. I thought Sarah was amazing because of her insight into what makes a book truly ‘grab yer guts’ so to speak. But witnessing her selling the book was jaw dropping.

It’s an exciting but circuitous process, this business of getting a children's book written and sold. Someone should mention it to the United Nations, I’m sure it’s a form of torture.

You get e-mail after phonecall after e-mail…this house likes it, that one doesn’t, these people are in these are out. And then slowly, slowly a list forms…publishers who MIGHT like your book…who MAY take it further…

And then…another publisher takes it to their acquisitions meeting…

Someone else drops out because of that…

And then…finally your agent tells you that we have an offer!


I’m pretty monosyllabic on the phone at the best of times but this news left me gibbering incoherently. But Sarah got the message that I felt it prudent to accept...

Anything I say will be a cliche. Dreams come true. Opening up new possibilities. Needless to say I am a little more than very very pleased. It’s exciting, it’s a little bit scary. I can’t wait to get going but…

Consider the economic climate,
Consider the gloom that seems to surround publishing at the moment,
Consider the competition out there vying for deals.
And then I find that another deal was made too!
You have marvel at the force of nature that is the Greenhouse Literary Agency!

“You’ll probably want to lie down in a darkened room after all this,” I said to her last night.
“Good Lord, No,” She replied. “I’m off to make someone else’s dream come true, now!”


A year ago, to the day, it was my dad’s funeral. A poor boy brought up in one of the roughest parts of Hull, he valued our education and would have been so immensely proud of this achievement. I know it.


SueG said...

Jon....I am absolutely speechless with excitement for you. And favourite publisher! And a 3 book deal...not your run of the mill incredible 2 book deal, but 3! I'm so very happy for you!!! What a difference a year makes, eh? xo

BarbaraS said...

Flippin' nora! Congratulations Jon, I hope you are hanging from the chandeliers - wow, wow, wow! 3 books.... scuse me while I run outside, up & down the garden and scream... quietly!


SarwatC said...

Congrats and a fitting memorial to your dad's ambitions for you.
Well done!
Brother from another mother, Sarwat

gary davison said...

Living the dream, Jon. and with Bloomsbury? You've hit the jackpot. Well, done, congrats, and very best of luck. I've been following your blog for a while now and thoroughly enjoy your openess towards this harsh business. I'll pop a cold one for you tonight in celebration. Nice one!

Nothingman said...

man! congratulations!!! it's gonna be awesome to see your name on the shelves on the book stores! :D

superb :) keep rocking!


Tracy said...

Fantastic news and such poignant timing.

You and Sarah have helped lift the gloom. There is hope.
Congratulations again and don't forget, I have first dibs on the interview.
Tracy xx

Jude said...

I am really very happy for you, Jon. Hope you have a celebration planned

Pearl said...

wow! a 3 book deal! awesome. that's an exciting bend in the road.

Jon M said...

Sue: A difference indeed

Barbara: Thanks!

Sarwat: BFAM back atcha! :)

Gary: Cheers Mate, I like to stay way to learn!

Nman: Thanks, sir!

Tracy: Dibs firstly acknowledged!

Jude: Tomorrow if I feel up to it (what a wimp, I actually feel pretty rough!)

Pearl: Indeed, I wonder what around that bend!

JJ Beattie said...

Jon, OMG, that's so fantastic. What amazing news. I cannot wait to read it (them...omg). And Bloomsbury too.

You so deserve this - you've worked so hard. It's bloody marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for three books.
Hip hip, hooray!
hip hip... well, you get the point.
A three book deal is always a big accomplishment, but yes, right now... it's a miracle. Well, not a miracle, because you did the work to get here. YOU made it happen.
Welcome to the greenhouse author section.
Sister from another mister (doesn't ring as well, does it?)

DOT said...

By heck, lad, you've only gorn and cracked it! With Bloomsbury too.

Your second name isn't Kevin or Kiernan or anything beginning with K perchance - J. K. Mayhem sounds like a best selling author to me.


Jon M said...

JJ: Thanks so much...maybe I'll buy you that coke back after all!

Lindsey: SFAM sounds great to me!!! :)
I was peeking at your beans spilled video for ideas thought about it but chickened out at the last moment!

DoT: I thought of getting a commission so I could be Major Mayhew or something!

Jon M said...

oooh thirteen comments..can't have that!

Jan said...

I wrote a comment on my own blog ( in reply to yours) and now I switched to this.
A 3 book deal! That is fantastic. Congratulations.
And I'm your 14th comment!
Brilliant news.

Jon M said...

Me Superstitious, Jan? Hehehehe, the very thought!

L-Plate Author said...

That is absolutely fantastic news Jon. I am sooooooo pleased for you, I genuinely can't stop smiling.

You give me hope too!

I suppose that means I will have to go to another book launch in Borders, Cheshire Oaks...this time I promise not to be shy!

Well done x

Anonymous said...

you really deserve it! well done and congrats!

Jon M said...

L-Plate: Yep! could be a launch at Borders one day! Who knows? :)

Candy: Cheers! We get there in the end!

kathleen duey said...

Candy Gourlay's comment on FB brought me here to say congratulations! I love that you re-shaped, re-wrote,listening to good advice, worked so hard and so long and now...YAY!

And what a lovely way to honor your father's memory.

All best wishes for your writing career,

Jon M said...

Kathleen: Thanks for taking the time to say hello! :-)I popped over to yours and love your latest post..hypnotic!

Caroline said...

Your post made me cry. Seriously, I cry too much!

Told you this would be your year... (a slight but subtle variation on 'I told you so!')

I'm thrilled for you and for your lovely family. And I am very much looking forward to my signed copy!

Enjoy x

Mickmouse said...

Jon you are amazing, that is truly jaw dropping news. Well done matey that is absolutely fantastic. I am so excited for you...Bloomsbury too. You will JK a run for her money no doubt.

SJW said...

Don't know your blog Jon, but this is terrific news.
Good luck and enjoy.

liz fenwick said...

Jon- What fabulous news. Well done :-)

Megan said...

Completely Congratulations. So, so happy for you - well done Sir!!!
Bring on the trumpets - bring on the dancing girls, you deserve it all (-:

Tam said...

Hey, congratulations! It's a grand feeling, innit?

PS I'll buy yours if you'll buy mine?

Jon M said...

Caroline: Sorry to make you cry! I'm imagining the signed copy on your special!

Michelle: Thanks, I'm still stunned myself!

SJW: Then come in and know me better they say...:), thanks for dropping by!

Liz: Thanking you!

Megan: Oooh trumpets and dancing things are looking up! :)

Tam: Could be a deal struck there Tam, thanks!

DJ Kirkby said...

Huge congratulations Jon! I am so very pleased for you and can't wait to buy them all. xo

Debs said...

Many congratulations. I read about this on Caroline's blog.

It's good to hear such fab news. Well done.

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW JON!!!!! WOOP, WOOP, HIP, HIP HOORAY! I'm so delighted for you! A THREE book deal???!!! Wow! Make sure you put my blog on your list for a book promotion blog tour, I will promote the heck out of it!

Jon M said...

Dj: It's okay, you only have to buy one, if you buy them all then you'll be bankrupt and Bloomsbury will keep printing them forever...hmmmm...

Debs: Thanks ! :-)

KatC: Sure will, I knew you'd be chuffed!

Deborah Rey said...

I don't know you, you don't know me, but that doesn't take away the fact I'm overjoyed for you.
Congrats and ENJOY (yes, I know I'm screaming).
Sunny regards,

Jon M said...

Deborah: I'm sure we've commented on the same blogs before and Caroline wrote about your own book? Thanks for the sunny post, just beautiful! :)

Pat Posner said...

Hello, Jon
Popped over here from Tam's to CONGRATULATE you! A 3 book deal is fantastic!

I'm sure your Dad does know and is smiling proudly down.

Jon M said...

Pat: Thanks! :)

Sue Eves said...

I was on my way to Sarwat's blog to tell him I've finished reading his first book and then I read your news and hopped over to tell you, my gob is truly smacked - your vacuum has been filled! -
I'm thrilled for you. Lucky Bloomsbury and lucky, lucky Sarah for finding you both!

Jon M said...

Sue: Cheers, My gob is still well and truly smacked!!! :-)

Marie said...

Congratulations, Jon! I am so happy for you.

Jon M said...

Thanks, Marie, keep on keepin' on! :)

Vesper said...

Oh, Jon, I'm so very, very , very happy to see this! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Jon M said...

Vesper: Thought you'd be pleased as one who critted some of the early version! Cheers!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*I AM SO **VERY VERY** PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!*


Congratulations! It's been so long, and you absolutely deserve it! That's fantastic!


I can say I knew you way back when.
Go get 'em!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Jon M said...

Scarlett: Cheers! :)

kathryn evans said...

SO wonderful to read this again after so long and so many books!